Originals for Sale
  • Chipmunk *Watercolours
    Chipmunk *Watercolours
  • Chickadee *Watercolour
    Chickadee *Watercolour
  • Family Tree *Acrylic
    Family Tree *Acrylic
  • Panda Picnic *Acrylic
    Panda Picnic *Acrylic
  • Surviving the Savanah *Watercolour
    Surviving the Savanah *Watercolour
  • Chipstand *Pastel *SOLD
    Chipstand *Pastel *SOLD
  • Silk and Song *Pastel
    Silk and Song *Pastel
  • Monkey See... *Pastel
    Monkey See... *Pastel
  • Snowshoe Hare *Acrylic
    Snowshoe Hare *Acrylic
  • September Salmon *Acrylic
    September Salmon *Acrylic
  • Tiger Swallowtail
    Tiger Swallowtail
  • Barnyard Bird *Acrylic *SOLD
    Barnyard Bird *Acrylic *SOLD
  • Cougar Portrait *Watercolour
    Cougar Portrait *Watercolour
  • Bear Cub *Watercolour
    Bear Cub
    Bear Cub *Watercolour
  • Making Waves *Acrylic SOLD
    Making Waves *Acrylic SOLD
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