About the Artist

Debra lives in Beaver Lake, a small community outside of Sudbury, ON. She finds her inspiration from the wildlife immediately around her home and at camp on Manitoulin Island.  Debra and her husband keep busy with their two boys at their busy stage in life with sports throughout the year.  Her home is guarded well by the wild animals.  Visitors are interrogated by squirrels, chipmunks and birds at the door before entering, and might even climb aboard, showing the friendliness between humans and wildlife there.

Debra lives with the philosophy of preserving wildlife on a daily basis.  Photographing, sketching and studying to understand her subject is an essential part of her work before she can create the final painting.  Mainly a self-taught artist, she has enjoyed developing her own style. She uses watercolour with gouache to paint the details of her subjects, capturing the emotion and character of each animal.  She also enjoys painting with acrylics and pastels.  

Debra's art can be viewed in person, at her studio, by appointment.  Located in the Beaver Lake area just west of Sudbury.  Check out the Upcoming Events section for more information.  


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